We render services to clients in diferrent industries.

Our services help companies meet the extraordinary changes the global banking and financial services industries are facing. Waning markets and high instability are countered by Tekinfy which helps customers focus on using inventive solutions to control expenses and manage growth. Our solution areas include Retail Banking, Mortgage Services, Financial Technology, Payment Platforms and Wealth Management.

Tekinfy has deep retail proficiency with capabilities across high-volume environments of consumer goods. By injecting greater competence and efficiency into the end-to-end value chain, our retail solutions help drive down costs while boosting revenues rooted in greater customer fulfillment and reliability.

In the highly aggressive insurance industry, what sets us as differentiator are a capable process, low costs and quick customer awareness. We work with insurers and brokers alike, to understand the sting points and deliver solutions consequently. Our solution areas are in underwritings, Claims settlements, risk management, policy administration and inclusive reinsurance.

Tekinfy Services is a efficiently managed organization providing imminent to retain the best talent and improve it in the best possible way.
Specialties: Recruitment in Pharma Industry for all level positions for Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Production (Pharmaceutical Formulations, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API, Bulk Drugs), Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, R&D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Utility Maintenance, Plant Maintenance, Biotechnology, Projects, technical services, Clinical Research and Healthcare etc.

The advancements in the telecom sector are ballistic! While this is good news, it also brings with it several challenges in the way customer’s prospect and usage of services have raised. With Tekinfy as your IT partner, you can boost operational competence, customer commitment and optimize your reserves.

Maintaining high quality and low costs is critical for manufacturing businesses today. Tekinfy approach to helps companies in topics ranging from strategic decisions about setting up manufacturing operations, to specific production site and line improvement, to stay ahead of the market, close the gap on competitors or improve productivity for the long term, manufacturers must confront their thoughts to manage insecurity and optimize performance.